Mystery Shopping

From a big brand like Audi in the automobile sector to small retail chains, the management of the business group wants to ensure that they deliver quality services to their valuable customers. Customers are king pin of the market. To be successful and to be on the top of the charts in the industry the management is required to have answers for the following two major questions -

How well the salesperson handling the business clients?

Whether all the compliances and procedures are being followed or not?

The first question relates to the customer and the second one relates to the government. To become a successful enterprise, the management is required to keep both the stakeholders happy. In order to monitor the correct implementation of the above questions, the organizations can use the concept of Mystery Shopping & auditing. These services are being offered by a professional team of experts under the roof of CKRETA SOLUTIONS. We as Ckreta is a team of professional Chartered Accountants whose objective is to showcase a real customer experience at the sales outlets of the company by pretending themselves as customers. Our Mystery shoppers visit secretly to the places where the client demands and imitates to get information on the current practice prevailing in the client’s organization and then draft a formal report accordingly. We, at the same time incorporates suggestion if the client demand for it. Our mystery shopper makes a detailed research on the product & services before initiating with the Audit procedures.

Presently we handle banking groups, co-operative societies, retail chains, hotels & resorts, automobile companies, telecommunication & electronics segment, financial group & mortgage houses, Casino’s, housing & furniture groups, garments, and accessories group and many others.